How to choose your realistic lovedoll

Choosing the right love doll can prove challenging. Up until a few years ago, when the market was still dominated by the American and Japanese manufacturers, the choice of models was limited. With the formidable arrival of the Chinese makers though, the availability of mini and life-size realistic dolls has dramatically increased. The Silverdoll’s catalog currently lists hundreds of different bodies and heads. Understanding the difference between different models is not always easy. In this short Buyer’s Guide we provide information and advice to help you with your choice.

Differences in the materials 

Sanhui Clara 165cm and WM Dolls Xiaoyu 165cm are both extremely attractive, yet except for the face what are the differences between them? The body design is slightly different (XiaoYu has longer legs) but the main difference is in the material they are made of. Clara is made of silicone, Xiaoyu is molded in TPE.

Sanhui 165cm
WM Dolls 165cm

Silicone or TPE?

Needless to say the choice of the material is an important one. Some would buy only silicone, others find that TPE is ultimately more satisfying. To know in detail the differences between the two materials please consult our article ‘Differences between lovedolls in silicone and in TPE‘.

If you have already chosen the material, here is a breakdown of our brands according to the material they use:

Small differences in the size

You might occasionally come across dolls of the same brand with very small height difference. For example the body 148cm and 150cm 6YEDoll, or the 108cm and 110cm Hitdoll. Why?

In general, if only few centimetres of height separate two lovedolls of the same brand, the most significant differences lie in the other measurements. For example the 6YEDoll 148cm has legs 70 cm long while the 150cm has legs 89cm long; the Hitdoll 108cm has medium breast while the 110cm features large breasts.

It is also increasingly the case that manufacturers enlarge their catalogs with bodies that have very small measurement differences altogether. WM Dolls for example currently carries over 50 bodies, many of them quite similar. Why this? To make sure that each single customer can find their own ideal body.

Hitdoll 108cm
Hitdoll 108cm
Hitdoll 110cm

Choice of the doll

1) The most important things to know

  • You can choose a predefined doll or build your desired doll through the customization options available.

Predefined dolls are found in the Galleries page. If you buy a predefined doll you will receive a doll that is exactly like the one you see in the gallery, with a few exceptions. Exceptions are clothing, accessories and possibly the wig. As for clothing, you will receive a nice random outfit that is in stock at the time of shipping. Outfits seen in the galleries aren’t in stock. At the same time, accessories featured in the galleries aren’t included with the purchase. If the wig featured in your chosen gallery is in stock it will be included in your package, if not a similar one will be provided.

Build your own doll means generally starting from a specific body and customize it with a head, eyes, wig and all the options available on that body. You can find all bodies in the Body catalog. Regarding clothing, here also you will receive a nice random outfit that is in stock at the time of shipping.

The dolls’ head is removable. You attach it by screwing it in, or for some brand by pushing the head down into the body. Only one head is included with the purchase, however additional heads can be bought either when you buy your doll or later. Get in touch to know price and availability of additional heads, or buy them direct from our Head catalog.


2) Where to start – our suggestion

Feel free to leisurely browse through the Predefined Dolls, you may find the one you’re really looking for. Didn’t you find her, or there’re too many galleries to go through? Check out the Body catalog. Choosing your doll starting from the body actually makes more sense for those open to modifying/changing the doll at some point. Why? Because heads are removable and interchangeable with all others of the same brand, so changing a head will be simpler and cheaper than changing a body.

Choosing the body

The choice of the body is of course subjective. Once you have considered factors such as budget / dimensions / weight, you’ll probably have to decide between a real-size or a mini doll, between a doll with more standard body features or one boasting body features more emphasized. It’s your choice, take your time.

WM Dolls 168cm G-cup: thick and juicy, but not light (54 kg)


Choosing the head

Once you’ve chosen your body you can focus on the face that will become your life/sexual partner. Bear in mind that parts of the head such as eyes and wig can easily be changed. Furthermore, if you already own a doll, you may want to change the whole head. You will be able to buy additional heads at the time of purchasing your doll or at a later stage. Most of the brands in our catalog have heads that are inter-compatible with other brands’ bodies. Get in touch for more information on this, keeping in mind that only a few brands sell heads only.


3) Using the filters to narrow down your search  

Given the vastness of our catalog of bodies and heads, The Silver Doll provides you with several filters that can help narrow down your search, as they show you only the dolls matching your requirements.

Filters available are:

  • For the bodies: price, size, brand, material, product type, body type, breast size, butt size and a few miscellaneous tags. You can find them all in the Body catalog page, on the left side.
  • For the galleries: same as above except price and size filters. You can find the galleries filters in the Galleries catalog page, on the left side

How to use the filters:

– click on the filter to see all the filter’s results. Once a filter is active it becomes purple.

– for multiple filter selection, click on the tags one at a time. The filter works progressively. For example if you’d like to see all galleries ‘torso’ + ‘huge breasts’ first click on ‘torso’ (you will see all torso galleries), then click on ‘huge breasts’. You will now see only the torso + huge breasts galleries.

– to remove a filter’s selection, just click on it.


We hope that you might find the information and advice of this short guide useful. For any other questions or doubt please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We know the choice can be difficult, so we’re always available to guide you according to your preferences.

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