The 2019 Shanghai Adult Care Expo

The Silver Doll visited the 2019 Shanghai Adult Care Expo, which took place April 25th-28th. Nestled between ubiquitous dildo maker stands we were able to spot a few of our realistic doll partners, six to be exact, representing eight brands in our catalog.

In this short reportage you will be informed about the main trends we observed in the realistic doll industry and will be shown the highlights from each manufacturer’s stand.


Trends observed

  • Combination of silicone head and TPE body.

A few manufacturers showcased credible and very attractive dolls combining a very detailed silicone head with a softer TPE body (see more in the WM Dolls and JY Doll sections below)

  • Implanted hair on silicone heads and harder TPE heads

To increase realism, more brands are now offering implanted hair, on silicone heads but also on harder-than-average TPE heads (see more in the WM Dolls section).

  • Basic A.I. features increasingly tested on realistic sex dolls  

More mainstream manufacturers now try to add intelligent features to their dolls, mainly basic conversation skills and facial movements. In our opinion, although such advancement is always welcome, there’s still a long way to go (find out more in the WM Dolls section)


Manufacturers' stands

  1. WM Dolls
  2. Doll Forever, Piper Doll, Dollhouse 168
  3. Qita
  4. Sinodoll
  5. JY Doll
  6. AS Doll  

1. WM Dolls

As always WM Dolls feels no need to show off, keeping its offer to a composed and elegant minimum. After all WM realistic dolls speak for themselves, with their consistent excellence in detail and perceived quality. Below is a new fabulous WM silicone head on the 168cm E-cup body, whose pictures don’t entirely do justice to its amazing level of detail. Unfortunately we were told this head is a “test” and therefore not currently for sale.

Another exciting development from WM is the implanted hair, that as well as on the silicone head, was found at the expo on TPE heads made with a different, harder blend. Here are some examples:

Great news, WM implanted hair is actually already available, as an add-on at an affordable price. We’re going to add this option asap, stay tuned or get in touch for more details.

And here’s WM current attempt at introducing basic intelligent features to their dolls (apologies for the poor sound quality). From what we were able to see and understand, the doll can only move her pupils and turn her head to the right and to the left on command. Please note that this technology is currently being trialed and therefore is not available on any doll from WM Dolls.


Finally, more pictures from the WM Dolls stand:

Click here to view The Silver Doll WM Dolls catalog.


2. Piper Doll, Doll Forever, Dollhouse 168

Doll Forever, owner of the brands Piper Doll, Doll Forever and Dollhouse 168, showcased a vast array of fair skinned young beauties. No high tech or revolutionary pursuit were found at their stand but just the blood and flesh of realistic dolls, that is youth, curves, softness, fitness, style and sex-appeal.

The new Dollhouse 168 135cm body goes ‘cuddly’. It’s a bosomy teenager whose soft breasts will drive you mad.

Here’s a breast softness demostration video of the Dollhouse168 new 135cm. Very satisfying:


and here’s the much sought after Piper Doll 150cm Jessica, a compact sex bomb that seen live looks a bit younger than from the official galleries:

Dollhouse168 2019 Series 145cm with head Lazuli. Arguably one of the most accomplished bodies from this manufacturer:

More pictures from the stand:

Click here to view our Doll Forever catalog

Click here to view our Piper Doll catalog

Click here to view our Dollhouse 168 catalog


3. Qita

This enthusiastic and versatile manufacturer attracted a lot of attention at the expo. Qita dolls always impress for their tasteful and beautifully detailed faces. This, combined with their very attractive prices, makes Qita almost unbeatable for display dolls. To excel as sex dolls however Qita dolls need improvement. TPE softness is just average, while the lack of oral orifice and vagina insert option will probably turn off a large share of would-be customers. This manufacturer has great potential but needs to decide which direction to go.

Pictures from the Qita stand:

Click here to view our Qita catalog.


4. Sinodoll

From one brand in search of identity to one that has very clear ideas about its place in the market. Sinodoll aims to set a new benchmark for silicone sex dolls, that is dolls that stand out for their sexual performance more than anything else. To achieve this Sinodoll has developed a specific ultra-soft blend of silicone, ensuring very soft and jiggly breasts, and a very real-like vagina.

At Expos unfortunately private parts can’t be either shown or tested so we had to limit ourselves to a general view.

Below is a new 149cm busty body soon to be launched:

We still managed to sneak in a breast jiggle test of this new body:


More pictures from the Sinodoll stand:

Sinodoll new quick head connector:

and here’s a useful demonstration video we have received by Sinodoll:


Click here to view our Sinodoll catalog.


5. JY Doll

JY presented a few Asian silicone heads (we were told that more Western-like silicone heads will follow) and a new 157cm body. All JY bodies are made in TPE.

Here are some pictures from the JY stand:

Click here to view our JY Doll catalog.


6. AS Doll

A scenic wedding-themed display with mostly mature looking ladies for this TPE manufacturer.

Here are some pictures from AS Doll stand:

Click here to view our AS Doll catalog.




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