What's your shipping time?

Your doll will be delivered approximately 5-6 weeks after we receive the payment.

We need one/two weeks for production (depending on the doll’s size and features) and three/four for transportation.


Is shipping free?

Yes, shipping is always free for the United Kingdom.


Will I have to pay VAT and custom duties on delivery?

Not for deliveries to UK mainland and Northern Ireland*. All duties are settled by us in advance and included in the price. For delivery to the islands we can’t offer a price inclusive of tax. VAT and import duties will be in this case entirely the customer’s responsibility.

*Only for orders received and paid by September 30th 2020. For orders received after this date the customer will be entirely responsible for customs clearance, VAT and import taxes.


What shipping companies do you use?

Currently all our dolls are delivered through UPS.


Can I pick up my package at the carrier's nearest office?

Certainly. You can request delivery at your address as well as at the nearest carrier’s warehouse for pickup. Please leave a note in the ‘note field’ of your order if you wish to take advantage of this special shipping arrangement. You can also choose a specific carriers’ office for pickup.

Please visit for a full list of UPS location in the UK. Important: the office you choose must be offering the ‘Hold package at location for pickup’ service.


Can I schedule a delivery time?

Yes you can. Sign up to UPS My Choice to schedule a delivery time, request a vacation hold or change delivery address. The carrier might charge you a small fee for this service. Please note that is the customer’s responsibility to arrange a delivery on appointment, The Silver Doll cannot do that on behalf of the customer.

If you happen not be able to receive the package for an extended period of time (for example because you’re away on holiday) please let us know about this period when you place the order. We will make sure the item is delivered to you before or after your period of absence.


Is the package discreet?

Absolutely. Your doll will be delivered in a plain brown box. No markings indicate the content inside, the name of our company doesn’t appear either. Your doll will be labelled “mannequin” for custom clearance.


Can I track the shipping?

Sure. Once the doll is shipped we send you the package’s tracking number.


My tracking shows an incorrect package weight. Should I worry?

You’ve received your tracking and it shows that your package weighs 20 kg. However your doll weighs 35 kg. Don’t worry, our carriers always show a random package weight in their trackings. There’s no way to know why, what matters is that you shouldn’t worry. Your package contains the doll that you’ve ordered. Guaranteed.


Is your packaging secure?

Definitely. Your doll is packaged in a reinforced, double-walled carton box meant to withstand the different hazards that come with shipping. Inside the box a combination of textile and plastic materials ensure cushioning and absence of movement. So far we never had any occurrence of damage during transportation.