The Evolution of Realistic Sex Dolls

*As of August 2017

Recently released realistic sex dolls have brought along improvements and features that would have been unthinkable until a few years ago. Both technical and aesthetic, such improvements are taking us each time a step closer to the ultra-realism that at some point in the future may make real dolls almost indistinguishable from real women.

Technical improvements

The skeleton is one of the first areas where manufacturers have put substantial efforts towards improvement. The photos below show the classic steel skeleton, utilized on dolls of almost all sizes. For its simplicity this skeleton has proved quite reliable and some manufacturers still use it in order to minimize production costs and offer attractive value for money.

The classic steel skeleton has however some limitations:

  • The head is connected to the skeleton through a flexible pipe. The result, the so called ‘gooseneck’, is a neck that might over time lose some of its ability to keep poses, as well as being slightly noisy when bent.
  • The range of movements is limited.
  • Wrists and the ankles are not provided with hinged joints, so they are prone to same issues as the ‘gooseneck’.


Over the last couple of years, some manufacturers have started to gradually upgrade the classic skeleton. Here are some of the main improvements:

A. Neck and wrist joints.

EXDOLL, Z-Onedoll and Doll Forever are among the manufacturers who have now replaced the neck pipe joint with a fully hinged one. This joint eliminates creaky noises and allows to always maintain poses. Thanks to the greater solidity of the hinged neck joint these brands’ dolls can be safely suspended (for a limited time) using a special suspension kit for real dolls. You can see a video demonstration of the hinged neck in our video reportage from the Shanghai Adult Care Expo, at 1’22.

At the same time, EXDOLL, Z-Onedoll, Doll Forever, WM Dolls, YL Doll and OR Doll now feature fully hinged wrists.


A EXDOLL skeleton, featuring hinged neck and wrists

B. Pelvis

YL Doll introduced in 2016, with the 155cm small breasts doll, the pelvis torsion on the vertical axis. Thanks to this impressive feature, it is now possible to give YL Dolls more realistic poses, ideal for photographic purposes and several other scopes.

As of August 2017, the majority of manufacturers in our catalog have introduced the pelvis torsion feature.

Dollhouse168 and Doll Forever’s dolls can also bend laterally, from right to left and viceversa:

C. Shoulder raising

Shoulders that can shrug have been brought in by Dollhouse168 with its sub-brand EVO and by Z-Onedoll on all its dolls. Below you can see a few pictures showing the shoulders’ range of motion.

D. Range of movements

Skeleton upgrades over the years have dramatically increased the range of movements that TPE/silicone dolls can safely undertake. The latest breakthrough comes from Dollhouse168 EVO, whose dolls can safely sit on their legs as in the “seiza” and “W” style (see pictures below):

E. Head connection

Most brands in our catalog feature now the M16 head connection bolt, which makes them inter-compatible. In detail, the brands using the M16 head connection system are: WM Dolls, YL Doll, OR Doll, Dollhouse168 Classic, Doll Forever, Z-Onedoll, JY Doll, Victoria Sex Doll, Climax Doll, 6YEDoll, Hitdoll, Maiden Doll and Cosdoll.

This connection system requires to screw-in the head in order to fix it to the body:

Brands not sharing the M16 system have their own attachment system so their heads aren’t compatible with other brands’ bodies.

EXDOLL for example developed its own lock-up head attachment system, which doesn’t require rotation of the head anymore. Below you can watch a demonstration video of this system:

EXDOLL head attachment system has proved practical and popular among doll users, so much so that other brands are now switching to the same system. Dollhouse168 for example has chosen the lock-up bolt for its EVO sub-brand. A hanging kit, allowing easy storage, is also offered as a free add-on (see picture below):

New head connector
New head connector
New head connector
New head connector
Pluggable hook
Pluggable hook

Technological improvements

Several manufacturers have tried to commercialize realistic dolls that can heat, make sounds and even talk.

The heating function for TPE dolls was launched in 2013-2014 by Hitdoll, however it was soon discontinued as TPE proved not enough heat-resistant. Shortly later Hitdoll launched Z-Onedoll, a brand of heating dolls made in silicone. This material has been found to hold heating much better and today Z-Onedoll’s heating technology is reliable and popular.

As of August 2017 there are no other lovedoll manufacturers offering the heating technology.

The sound technology, another Z-Onedoll exclusive, consists in the possibility to upload MP3 files that will play once the doll is touched in specific parts of the body. As a default the manufacturer supplies with the doll a string of ‘sexy moaning’ files. This technology is operated through an Android app.

Z-Onedoll sexbot finally, the first sex robot launched by a Chinese manufacturer (2016), adds the possibility to upload ‘speaking’ files as well as featuring facial muscle motions (jaw movement, blinking, eye closing and rotation). Much an astonishing technological achievement, the Z-Onedoll sexbot hasn’t been so far a commercial success, perhaps due to its heavy price tag.

Aesthetic improvements

Tough, healthy competition among real doll manufacturers has pushed them towards constantly seeking visual enhancements, in order to make their dolls stand out for beauty and realism.

A. The sexual areas

The visual upgrade of vaginas and anus has been perhaps the most remarkable among these upgrades. Until not a long ago labia where hardly noticeable while anuses were plain round holes. Now the most forward-looking manufacturers offer orifices that are much more realistic in design and color tone.

Here are the sexual areas of dolls commercialized a couple of years ago:

..and here are the love holes as they appear on more recent dolls:

The next step seems to be the hymen. Two brands already, Sanhui and Dollhouse168 EVO, feature an optional realistic hymen which breaks during the first penetration. Hymens serve two purposes: first to provide the pleasure to make love a to virgin, second to provide the guarantee that the doll has never been penetrated before.

Sanhui’s hymen (on the left) has a 5mm opening while Dollhouse168 EVO’s (right) is entirely closed.

B. Skin looks and feel

Silicone lovedoll maker Sanhui amazed early this year with its textured skin. The tiny human-like pores of the textured skin, as well as providing a more realistic tactile experience, avoid the skin’s ‘shiny-effect’, which is often an unwelcome feature of silicone dolls.

Among TPE doll manufacturers only Victoria Sex Doll has so far ventured into the textured skin, which is available on their Super TPE range:

Victoria Sex Doll’s textured skin

C. One-piece doll

Until now all real dolls have been designed and manufactured with the head detached from the body. Dollhouse168 with its Piper Series changes all that: here the head is attached to the body. It’s a one-piece doll. The advantage of the attached head is merely visual, as it eliminates the unrealistic neck seam between head and body. On the other hand as the head is not removable it can’t be changed with another one. Customers through their choices will probably determine whether one-piece dolls are the future.


Chinese real doll manufacturers are bringing out technical and aesthetic enhancements at a staggering frequency, so much so that we all wonder what exciting improvements will be launched over the next months and years.

Here at The Silver Doll we work closely with manufacturers so we get to know about upgrades and make them available on our dolls as soon as they’re launched.

So stay tuned and don’t hesitate to get in touch to enquire on the latest upgrades on a body you’re interested in, as enhancements, especially aesthetic ones, are not always reflected in all doll galleries.

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