WM Dolls, groundbreaking love dolls

The WM Dolls brand belongs to ZhongShan ShaXi JinSan Clothing props factory models, aka as Jinsan, a Chinese company based in the southern province of Guandong. 

Widely known for the quality and the audacious designs of its TPE sexdolls, WM Dolls has been the first Chinese brand to achieve worldwide success. Today it launches new bodies and faces frequently, with its most innovative and commercially successful designs being often copied or re-interpreted by the competitors.

The irresistible rise of WM Dolls has started early 2015 with the lauch of the revolutionary 100cm Yoko, Sora y Mina, still today among the world’s bestselling minidolls. These compact dolls featuring young faces and large breasts, enhanced by high quality, sexy photo galleries, have found a way to the hearts of both first-time and returning lovedoll buyers.

WM Dolls 100cm Yoko
WM Dolls 100cm Mina
WM Dolls 100cm Sora

A few months later WM Dolls has introduced Lyla, its second huge success. Size 140cm, angelic and emotive face, Lyla embodies the ideal of a beautiful post-teenage woman who suddenly discovers to have a dream body. Technically a fabulous all-rounder, medium-height and weight, soft skinned and with up to 25 interchangeable heads, Lyla is still possibly the best selling real doll in the world.

WM Dolls 155cm Venus

If with Lyla WM Dolls has pursued an ideal of sheer beauty and purity, with Venus it has returned to bold, shocking design. Presented in late 2015, huge breasts and narrow waist, Venus was born to satisfy a many male fantasies. Needless to say, men have appreciated. So much so that the market as soon been inundated with Venus-like dolls. The likes of Climax Doll 165cm Ada, ORDoll 156cm Linda and 6YEDoll 163cm Inna are just a few examples. Venus so remain the archetype, the classic, the inspiration. A tremendous accomplishment for WM Dolls, the third in a few months, that has projected the brand to love doll stardom.

In Spring 2016, with the world still gazing at Venus’ incredible curves, WM hit the target again. The aim this time round was to ‘exaggerate’: commercialize a dolls with impossible breasts. Grotesque for some, superb for others. With the 165 cm K-Cup WM Dolls seems to have started pursuing a new mission: satisfy ALL men’s fantasies, even the less common. And to make sure its intentions are clear, the brand has promptly launched a version of the K-Cup with extra-long nipples.

Satisfy any fantasy, reach out to each man..the following step for WM Dolls has seemed inevitable: jump from the extra-big to the very small, from the voluptuous to the thin. In Summer 2016 the new sexdolls with small breasts have been launched, like the 140 cm A-Cup and the 155 cm A-Cup.

140cm A-Cup Lyla dormida
WM Dolls 155cm A-Cup Alice
WM Dolls 168cm Nava

The brand’s last masterstroke? Nava, skinny lightweight afroamerican-like real doll. Not the first black doll on the market (6YEDoll presented its own black sexdoll sometime in 2015) but the very first one boasting super realistic skeletal and muscular details.

Practical information

WM Dolls produces love dolls and body parts exclusively in TPE (ThermoPlastic Elastomer). All its dolls are built from a steel articulated skeleton. All materials utilized are harmless and tested in compliance with health regulations.

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