Welcome to the age of Sexbots

Z-Onedoll has introduced last September the state-of-the-art of intelligent love dolls, the first sex doll robot boasting extremely realistic facial expressions. This doll is now available for purchase, with bodies ranging from 145 cm to 162 cm.

Female robots have been around for a few years, and are the object of intensive research in the R&D departments of many of the world’s largest companies. Generally we are talking here of prototypes, meant to showcase technological advancements and so attract new investors. As such, they usually aren’t for sale.

ln 2009 for example Yamaha presented a female robot with singing abilities. It featured a pleasantly realistic head, however the body, built in cheap plastic and very robot-like, left much to be desired..

Gunnm – Gally

In the Japanese collective imaginary the female robot has been arousing curiosity for a long time. The manga cartoon Gunnm, released in 1990 featured as its hero a young sexy cyborg. Interestingly, the 2009’s Yamaha robot looks quite remarkably like Gunnm.

It’s perhaps no surprise that human-like robots tend to be female more than male. The scientific domain is dominated by male researchers, who are understandably attracted by beautiful women. The quest for the comprehension of the human psyche combined with the attraction for female androids has produced a remarkable amount of science fiction. Blade Runner (1982) and Battlestar Galactica (2003-2009) probe ethical questions about how to deal with androids. Her (2013) and Ex-machina (2015) explore the development of feelings between humans and advanced artificial intelligence.


In the meantime, scientists have been working on developing robots that are more and more intelligent.

In 2015 Toshiba presented ChihiraAico, a more sophisticated version of the Yamaha robot, able to handle a simple conversation thanks to its basic artificial intelligence. What’s more, 15 pneumatic facial muscles ensure a range of amazingly realistic facial expressions. Unfortunately, as in the Yamaha robot, the body is a complete let down, with power cables coming out the robot’s bottom to connect to the wall. In sum, an amazing technological achievement but certainly not an erotic one..

China’s University of Science and Technology has presented earlier this year an android named Jia Jia. Featuring artificial intelligence, this robot can answer simple questions. And like ChihiraAico, it is conceived merely for conversational purposed, with nothing disclosed about her most intimate features.


Finally here is Z-Onedoll revolutionary Sexbot, the very first sexual robot for sale. This sexdoll robot possess all the qualities of a real doll while adding its exclusive technological features, until now confined to laboratories and showrooms. Thanks to an Android app for smartphone, you will have complete control of facial movements and body sensors. Your doll will move her gaze, close up her eyes to sleep, physically react whenever you touch her. She will come to life, not just in your imagination.

Here is all that she can do:

  • Close her eyes, bat her eyelashes
  • Rotate her eyes
  • Move her jaw
  • Produce sounds, pre-recorded, provided by the manufacturer and/or you
  • React physically and vocally when touched, thanks to tactile sensors in the chest area
  • Heat (as an option)


Here we go, welcome to the age of the sexbots!


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