The Canton Sex Fair 2016

The Canton Sex Fair 2016 took place in Guanzhou, in the south of China, between the 4th and the 6th November 2016. The Silver Doll was there, checking out our brands’ new products and hunting for exciting quality new brands to add to our catalog. Here’s a summary of our visit:

Doll House 168

Fast growing Taiwanese brand DollHouse168 showcased most of their tempting lovedolls. Among the new products displayed -soon to be added to our catalog- a 68cm minidoll and a well proportioned real-size torso. The new skin color ‘tanned’,  until now not available, has also been presented. High quality molding and refined finishing details make Dollhouse168 one of the top TPE manufacturers on the market.

WM Dolls

WM Dolls attractive stand showcased the brand’s bestsellers. Busy, in the centre of the main hall, the stand was a statement of importance for what is perhaps the n.1 TPE brand. Boasting perfect molding and finishing details, WMDolls’ creations are always a pleasure to photograph from close range.

Maiden Doll

Maiden Doll occupied a compact stand, in which however it managed to show a wide range of sensual dolls.


Sanhui‘s stand has been highly enjoyed for the breathtaking beauty of its dolls and the presentation of two new models: 156cm and 158cm. Another important introduction from the company was the new eye-rotation system, which is demonstrated in the video below. Press, turn, release: a very simple yet effective system, now available on all life-size dolls. Last but not least, a removable tongue has been showed in the stand, a new feature this for Sanhui. The brand’s painstaking precision when’s about facial and intimate details make of Sanhui a lovedoll maker in his own league.



Z-onedoll has presented all its catalog, however in a rather chaste version. We managed to see just the breasts of the 170cm and the vagina of the 162cm (see picture).  Z-Onedoll faces were very attractive and very detailed; the (far too many!) dresses despite preventing the appreciation of the intimate details, gave nonetheless an innocent and very feminine air to the dolls. An interesting introduction presented at the fair is the manga face Shina now available also on the 110cm and 120cm dolls.

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