Realistic Dolls at the Guangzhou Sex Fair 2017

Here’s our exclusive reportage of the Guangzhou Adult Health Supplies fair who took place early November 2017. Established real doll brands as well as exciting new manufacturers were present with stands showcasing both the best and the new from their catalogues.

Let’s start with a short introductory video of the most interesting love doll stands at the fair:


Victoria Sex Doll

This recently launched brand seems to keep its focus on innovation, creativity and quality improvement. While gradually migrating all the brand’s bodies on a new material half way between TPE and silicone, what really makes this manufacturer stand out is the imagination of its designer.  Victoria Sex Doll stand has amazed again for creativity, taste and artistic feel, with stunning real doll mermaids to steal the scene this time round.



With tough competition coming from both new and more established brands, Victoria Sex Doll concentrates not only on design but also on improving its overall quality. Following suit on other manufacturers, all Victorias now feature (optional) the quick head attachment system, compatible with the traditional rotation system, as well as a new sturdier skeleton.


Here is a short demostration video:


Pictures from the Victoria’s stand:

JY Doll

Another impressive display from this increasingly popular brand of TPE sex dolls. Launched in the second half of 2016, JY Doll features audacious designs and state-of-the-art production techniques. With an ever increasing range of bodies and heads, supported by sensual and tasteful galleries, no wonder love doll customers are appreciating.

JY Doll new skeleton, displayed at the fair, is now standard on all dolls sold by The Silver Doll. Among the improvements brought along by this new skeleton, the quick lock-up head attachment system and the shrugging shoulders.

The new 170cm doll was displayed at the fair:

AS Doll is a JY Doll spin-off brand exclusively sold outside China. Here ‘s the AS Doll 166cm B-cup:

Some pictures from the JY stand:

WM Dolls

The latest launch of the brand, displayed at the fair, is unfortunately only available for the Chinese market: the WM Dolls sexbot. Thanks to its basic artificial intelligence, this doll can make a simple conversation in Mandarin. As acknowledged by the WM Dolls manager at the fair, this technology is still in its infancy. The highly interactive doll many idollators are waiting for is still quite a way to go.

The rest of WM Dolls stand was packed with samples of the brand’s beautifully crafted dolls:

..and so we discovered that WM Dolls has its own 160cm male doll.



Launched six months ago, the implanted hair has represented a great step forward in realism for the always alluring dolls of this silicone brand. A live hair implanting could be watched in the Z-Onedoll stand:



Pictures from the Z-Onedoll stand as well as a short demo video of the 158cm doll’s breasts.



Perhaps the biggest surprise of the fair, Qita is an extremely interesting Chinese TPE brand which has recently entered the domestic and the Japanese markets. The whole catalog of this brand will be soon added to our stores. In the meantime, please get in touch if you’re interested in a specific model.

Qita’s adult-looking mini dolls seem to fill a gap in the market, as they are likely to appeal to those seeking late-twenties faces at reduced measurements, weight and costs. Not less interesting are the real size dolls, thanks to their cute looks and cool clothing (altough we wished we could have seen a bit more of the bodies).

The mini dolls:

..and the real size ones:


The attractive Cosdoll stand showcased some of this affordable brand beauties. Here you can find a short demonstration of a Cosdoll  joints movements.

..and here more pictures from the Cosdoll stand:

Artificial Human

The truly upmarket was present at the fair with Artificial Human. Long experienced in the making of silicone miniature dolls, this Chinese brand is now venturing jointly with WM Dolls in the market of the silicone real size sex dolls. The body launched at the fair boasts some super-realistic features such as skin with visible veins and freckles as well as fully articulated fingers. Another unique feature of this 163cm body: it has removable arms and legs.

This 500-pieces limited edition is already available on pre-order, with deliveries starting end of January 2018. The Silver Doll has been appointed by Artificial Human as one of the authorized resellers of this truly amazing real doll. Get in touch asap to secure yours!

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